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With No Strings Attached...

I ask you to dedicate this one life to the Lord. I do not want you to undergo the process of saṁsāra, of repeated birth and death, any longer. Engaging wholeheartedly in the process of bhakti is not too difficult a sacrifice for attaining eternal existence. To be free of enemies, once and for all, to be permanently liberated from ongoing negative bombardments that we are forced to face every single day—whatever price we have to pay for that, it is worth it. Even if we have to live every single day in anxiety and frustration, being misunderstood, it is worthwhile because of what is ultimately attainable. If the goal is not wonderful, then of course, it is not desirable to pay a heavy price. If the goal is not permanent and we have to ultimately give it up only to enter again into the many complications from which we ran, then it is not a very captivating aspiration. But, if the end result is that all suffering is destroyed—death, disease, old age, and constantly living in an environment in which we have to struggle to survive—then it is worth it. Let’s put all of these unpleasant experiences behind us by dedicating this one lifetime to God with no strings attached.

...from Surrender: The Key to Eternal Life, Chapter 6: Dedicate This Life to the Lord

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