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Date:        Every Wednesday

Time:        7:00 - 8:00 pm (EST) = GMT-5

Call In:     In USA - Call: +1 712 432 1212 

                 Access code: 253 579 754#

***Class involves reading and discussion from HH Bhakti Tirtha Swami's series of Spiritual Warrior books, including questions & answers.

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Neither Pride nor Self-pity

Those who have not cultivated very much humility will inevitably think highly of themselves, even when they have little to offer. Attributes such as memory, beauty, bodily size, and piety gradually decrease from Satya-yuga, the bygone age of godliness and opulence, to Kali-yuga, our current degraded age. Only one element increases in Kali-yuga—the false ego. Under its spell, the more people lack particular attributes and assets, the more they think they possess. This is the nature of false ego. The more spiritual we are, the less false ego we have, and the more fallen and unworthy we feel. In Kali-yuga, considering ourselves wonderful and expert is a sign of our fallen state. At the same time, we should not immerse ourselves in self-pity, which is another symptom of playing God. Self-pity means that instead of becoming truly humble, we expend our energy feeling sorry for ourselves. Everything still revolves around us. Usually, we are sorry that we do not possess a better body or position which would bring us distinction and adoration. Authentic spiritual sentiments mean feeling genuinely unworthy of having Kṛṣṇa. We must access these sentiments with growing sincerity.

...from Surrender: The Key to Eternal Life, Chapter 1. Just released this week!!!

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SURRENDER: The New Book Available by B.T. Swami!!!

Surrender: The Key to Eternal Life, has just been released and is available in Amazon Kindle format for purchase. Softcover copies may be advance ordered via our website and will ship out by March 27th.

Surrender: The Key to Eternal Life is a deep meditation on topics such as the cultivation of humility and selflessness, as well as on the detrimental effects of envy, anxiety, and boredom. As usual, Bhakti Tīrtha Swami’s work contains specific and practical ways to engage in spiritual life. Maharaja wants us to look at our weaknesses. Instead of leaving us to wallow in the muck of our anarthas, he encourages us to take inventory of them so that we can make genuine changes and advancement. He was especially compassionate in his approach toanartha-nivrtti, understanding that many of us have a hard time relinquishing bad habits that we have carried with us lifetime after lifetime, even while trying sincerely to chant and hear the Lord’s holy name. Through his compassion, he listened to devotees, asked questions, and took care to pinpoint the exact nature of the problems that often trouble the individual and the community of devotees. He would address such concerns in person, in his lectures, and in his books.
Reading Surrender, you will experience the palpable presence of Bhakti Tīrtha Swami as he continues to push us forward, encouraging us to look at ourselves so that we can reach deeper levels of devotional experience and practice. It can be frightening to introspect with such brutal honesty, and indeed, it takes great courage. For this reason, Maharaja consistently uses the term “spiritual warrior.” It takes strength and valor to battle the mind and senses, but it is a battle that we do not have to face alone. Bhakti Tīrtha Swami, a true spiritual warrior, is present and available to us throughout these pages, encouraging us and coaching us as we read. His spirit will no doubt guide us as we apply this wisdom to our lives.


  • Acknowledgements
  • Foreword (by Giriraja Swami)
  • Editor's Preface
  • Chapter 1 - Humility with Determination Guarantees Success
  • Chapter 2 - One Who Is Envious Cannot Advance
  • Chapter 3 - Loving Our Neighbors More Than Ourselves
  • Chapter 4 - The Language of Selflessness
  • Chapter 5 - When We Wound the Spiritual Master
  • Chapter 6 - Dedicate This Life to the Lord
  • Chapter 7 - Losing Oneself to Gain Oneself
  • About the Author



We Must Develop Full Surrender 

 After I finished my Deity service yesterday, I tried to watch the news, but since it was Sunday, a minister appeared on the television instead. Although he spoke on many nice topics, his main point was that, if you want wealth, health, or abundance, you should go to God. Of course this is a reality but a very elementary reality. Sometimes we can rely on the maxim “Give us our daily bread”, but we recognize “Thy will be done” to be a higher conception that appears so prominently in all scriptures. We can engage in karma-kanda or fruitive activities, which play a part in Vedic cosmology, but it is more advanced to develop saranagati or full surrender. It does not mean abandoning our individuality or freedom but it means ascending to our highest expressions of true freedom. It means acting in ways that will free us from our state of imprisonment

...from Reflections On Sacred Teachings, Volume Three: Harinama Cintamani, Chapter 11.


Attitude is Crucial 

We are addressing this subject matter in order to draw more attention to the importance of attitude. Our spiritual lives revolve around service and relationships, but attitude is even more important than just the external service we render. We engage in the physical in order to develop more of the internal service attitude. If the practitioner lacks the proper attitude, he or she will achieve minimal results. Although we may do so much, know so much, and arrange so much, the Lord looks at the attitude. It is the devotional attitude or consciousness that really penetrates the modes of material nature and all mundane duality.

...from Spiritual Warrior V: Making the Mind Your Best Friend, Chapter 3 - An Attitude of Gratitude