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Weekly Spiritual Warriorship Class

Tele Conference Class

Date:        Every Wednesday

Time:        7:00 - 8:00 pm (EST) = GMT-5

Call In:     In USA - Call: +1 712 432 1212 

                 Access code: 253 579 754#

***Class involves reading and discussion from HH Bhakti Tirtha Swami's series of Spiritual Warrior books, including questions & answers.

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B.T. Swami's Words of Wisdom & Updates...


Beyond the Salvationist Mentality

Considering that self-centeredness interferes with spiritual advancement, we must constantly take inventory of ourselves and examine our thought patterns to root out selfishness. Most of the time we are preoccupied with our wants—not even our needs. We have become so accustomed to pursuing our desires that we distract ourselves from the experience of deeper love and happiness and from any steady feeling of well-being. Instead, we remain focused on the problems inherent in a world of duality, constantly feeding the senses and reinforcing the feeling of “I” and “my” instead of moving beyond them to higher pleasures. Even such a lofty desire as the wish for salva- tion is rooted in selfishness. Actually, salvation is something that happens automatically as we abandon our selfish desires and deepen our compassion.

...from Spiritual Warrior II: Transforming Lust Into Love - Chapter 8


Obsession with the Body

Most television viewing amounts to an endless campaign for bodily comfort. This is because the backers of most televi- sion programs manufacture products that cater to our bodily comforts. This in turn produces an obsessive interest in concerns of the body, and an extreme distraction from matters of the soul. This focus is utterly counterproductive to human progress. Nevertheless, every day, we unwittingly continue to subject ourselves to influences that most profoundly arouse this obsession with the body at the expense of our souls.

...from Spiritual Warrior III: Solace for the Heart in Difficult Times, Chapter 5


Understanding Family

In Vrndavana, they are having an issue with the women’s position in front of Krishna’s altar because the sannyasis cannot directly come to the altar and offer obeisances. However, if we are eager to see the Lord, why should anything disturb us? If there is a proper mood and people are satisfied, naturally when your father comes you would move to let him see. Or if your daughter is trying to see the Lord, you feel happy. So what is the issue? If you put these situations on the level of a family, then none of these issues are so complex. However, it is complex because many devotees do not even understand the meaning of a family. That makes it hard. People in modern society do not understand proper family life. They have not experienced it in their immediate families, with their parents or even with their grand- parents. Therefore, they really do not understand the meaning of unity with diversity within a family. That makes it hard to try to create successful marriages when so many people come from backgrounds of unsuccessful marriages.

...from Reflections on Sacred Teachings, Volume Two: Madhurya Kadambini, Introduction


Remove Yourself from the Center

Most importantly, we do not want to make all of our evaluations with ourselves in the center. It will naturally create problems for us if we make judgments of right or wrong with ourselves at the focal point. We will end up as spiritual failures because the more we place ourselves in the center, the less we will be able to recognize Mother-Father God as the true center. Conversely, the more that we become the servant of the servant, the more we move ourselves away from the center and really become genuinely spiritual. And the more we access genuine spirituality, the more we will remove ourselves from the artificial center.

..from Spiritual Warrior V: Making the Mind Your Best Friend, Chapter 4 - An Attitude of Gratitude